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CREST offers a hands-on learning experience at its training centre. It houses four modular laboratories that come with state-of-the-art cameras and a live video link. This allows trainees to monitor follicle development and observe Assisted Reproductive procedures such as oocyte recovery and embryo replacement.


Our labs are well-equipped with incubators for sperm preparation, oocytes culture and embryo culture, microscopes for sperm check, oocyte retrieval and embryo washing, micromanipulator system for ICSI, freezing machine for embryo cryopreservation and carbon dioxide gas cylinders.


The two modes of course delivery are as follows:


  1. Clinical Session
    Trainees study real-life cases and take on observational roles.

  2. Laboratory Session
    Our low student-teacher ratio ensures trainees maximise their learning experience. Through real-life simulations, trainees enjoy full hands-on training.



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Embryology Course

Clinician Course

 Course on the Vitrification of Oocytes & Embryos and Quality Management System (QMS)

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